Remember at American Drones … "We Fix That."

Your home for hobby, emergency, and agriculture drones. Purchase or repair we are there.

Drone Sales

Consumer and Enterprise

American Drones offers a full line of Drones. Whether you want to just fly around and take pictures or you're ready to jump into 3D Modeling and mapping American Drones has a solution for you.


In the store, we stock new and used DJI Drones. We also take other quality drones on trade-in, so we have a constantly changing stock of used drones from other manufacturers as well.

The store also maintains a stock of batteries, parts, and accessories for the latest drone models out.

American Drones has a constantly evolving stock of both consumer and enterprise drones.

If you have custom beeds, American Drones is again you're answer.


For drone repairs simply bring or ship the injured drone to the Drone Shop at
1000 SW 4th St., Moore, Oklahoma 73160.

You pay nothing upfront for repairs. We will do a complete diagnostic and notify you of the expected repair cost. If you decide not to do the repairs, you pay a $100.00 diagnostics fee. If you have the repairs completed by American Drones, you pay only the cost for parts and labor. For further details call us at the Shop.

Drone Customization

American Drones has become very skilled at customizing existing aircraft or modifying new aircraft purchased from American Drones. We also offer a custom drone design and building service. We build multirotor aircraft as well as fixed-wing and ground remotely controlled, intelligent vehicles. The standard labor rate is $100.00 per hour, which includes 3D designs which may be required.

Concentrated man repairing drone detail with screwdriver


American Drones has been training drone pilots for more than 10 years. We've learned through our drone repair service what the most frequent "new" drone pilot mistakes are. Most drones come with a complex owner's manual… Hence the "the quick start" manual. We would like to make sure a new pilot has a much better understanding of drone operations. This leads to the longevity of both the drone and the pilot's success. American Drones offers Basic Flight Training and an advanced course for autonomous applications.

Free with Purchase

Basic Drone Flight Instruction. American Drones offers basic flight instructions with every drone purchase. American Drones has been training pilots since before the FAA Part 107 drone pilot testing began. Any drone with a value over $300.00 comes with basic "hands-on" flight instructions. If you're not purchasing a drone but maybe need a refresher on flying, we can help. Basic Drone Flight Instruction is available during our regular business hours if the Oklahoma weather is cooperating. Calling ahead and walk-ins welcome.

FAA Part 107 Test Prep Course

This is an 8-hour course that covers all the topics required to pass the FAA Airman's Knowledge Exam and receive your Part 107 Commercial Drone Pilot FAA Certification. The class is taught once a month on Sunday. American Drones also offers private "on location" classes for those needing to train more than 5 pilots. Call or email for a free quote.

America Drones LLC: Repair Services

Drone Flying in the Sky

Drone Shop

American Drones, "Drone Shop" has been officially repairing drones since 2013. The "Drone Shop" as we like to call it, has grown to contain a constantly moving and adapting stock. Keeping up with the latest changes in remote aircraft electronics. Drone Shop services also now include 3D printing and design.

We liken the American Drone's "Drone Shop" to the "Speed Shops" of the muscle car era. A place to purchase odds and ends for your car (drone) and catch up on the latest hot rod scuttle. Also, a great place to trade smack about your own skills.

Today drone pilots from both the hobby side and the commercial side of flying drones frequent American Drones. A place where beginners and veteran pilots can mix it up and trade valuable information.